Fellowes have made selecting the right model easy; according to run time, where the shredder will be used and security level. consider the following when selecting the most appropriate shredder for you needs:1  USAGE- where will the shredder be used.


commercialDesigned for multiple users and shared work-spaces, such as printing/ copy areas and open plan offices.
Fellowes Office Shredders are engineered to deliver optimum performance in high volume environments and include features specifically designed to improve the shredding experience.

Number of users : 5 or more
Run time : 60 mins- continuous
Usage: heavy

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frofessionDesigned for 1-3 or 3-5 users at the desk-side or in the small office.
High performance professional and deskside shredders which stand up to the demands of medium I heavy use and ensure productive, disruption-free shredding in a stylish design.

Number of users : 1-3 or 3-5
Run time : up to 45 minutes
Usage : medium/ heavy

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Designed for individual users in the office or home environment.personal

Number of users : 1
Run time : up to 8 minutes
Usage : light/ moderate

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